Well Maintained Data Means Capital

Maintained address data of your clients and owners is the basic capital of your company. Once you have entered the address data in onOffice enterprise, you then have the option to reuse the information.

With help from the onOffice enterprise edition Address Administration, you don´t only maintain the contact and address data of your prospects and customers, but also receive a detailed overview of all activities, tasks and re-submission. Also, the specification of relationships complements your address data and makes it easier for you to specify links to all your contacts. You can flexibly adapt your onOffice enterprise to your personal needs through freely definable input fields where you can add individual content and information.

Address Completion

The possibility of automatic address completion is a highlight of onOffice enterprise software, which considerably helps the working day of an estate agent. The link to address completion can be used to find the exact address data, the search criteria or both combined.

  • Use automatic address completion to maintain your database
  • In addition to address completion, you may also query current search criteria
  • The fully completed details of your clients will automatically be integrated into your address management
  • You can send the address completion as a serial e-mail to several receivers at the same time

Request Management

Use automatic processes by directly creating a data record for incoming portal requests. Then send the link for address completion, thereby obtaining a maintained address record.

In case of advertised properties, interested clients can request more information with just one click. The inquiry will be sent to you as a real estate agent by e-mail, stored in a fixed folder and create an address record from the interested clients. The request management automatically assigns the request to the property as an e-mail.

If the data of a client is not complete, a simple click in the current address data record is enough and the client receives an e-mail with a request for completion.

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