Perfect organization is crucial for success

In order to maintain an optimal overview of your business, onOffice offers you various features within the enterprise, which allow you to do just that.

From the management of your appointments, to working with fixed processes, up to the statistical toolkit, the organization of your everyday business is now child’s play with these numerous estate agent tools.

Feature Overview

Clear Appointment Management

Set appointments for different users or groups, control resources and confirm all appointments. With the calendar function, in just one glance, you can have an overview of all the entries including real estate and address connections.

In one glance:

  • Create appointments for different users or groups and schedule resources comfortably
  • Multiple linking of appointments with address and real estate data records
  • Simplify your office communication with the clear calendar layout
  • Complete verification management in your real estate book with the automatic appointment confirmation

All Appointments at One Glance

With onOffice Enterprise Appointment Management, you receive a comprehensive overview of all your company´s appointments. Choose yourself if you want to see only your own, the appointments of all users or just individual groups. Colored highlights show the different entries. You also have the possibility to see the appointments in the day and week view.

More than just a calendar

In addition to creating and editing appointments, you can also link the type, location, multiple users and resources. As usual in the onOffice enterprise, you can also store the corresponding address data and the current property. Additional free fields round off the possibility of the calendar entry so that you can record all relevant appointment information in one form.

One Calendar for the Entire Company

In order to ensure fast and easy communication between your employees, appointments are available for every user in your office as long as they are not in the “Private” mode. The emergency field offers the possibility to exchange relevant information between all parties within a particular date. Also, all participants are reminded about appointments in time by the calendar function.

Use the onOffice enterprise edition Appointment Management for all your upcoming appointments in your company. Manage and organize all vacations, birthdays, holidays and other events within your company.

Automatic Appointment Confirmation

Let your clients agree to appointments over the Automatic Confirmation function. The confirmation is stored in the real estate book, so that you have a verification of the appointment.

In addition, you have the possibility to link the property address and relevant address data records with the date and the confirmation link, so that the recipient receives all the linked appointment data collected by the e-mails.

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