onOffice Assumes Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is an integral part of onOffice Software AG's corporate policy. Our approach is to safeguard employees, but also to study performance during creation of training places. For us, social responsibility does not end at the company's borders; monitoring numerous social projects, support and sponsorship are the expressions of this understanding.

onOffice Donation Campaign: "Only together can we move something - the real estate Sector is involved"

Due to the current flood situation in parts of Germany, the onOffice team is launching a Facebook donation campaign. Thousands of people have to leave their homes, see their existence threatened and need urgent help. We would like to help and have been called to the following action:

+++ onOffice started with €1,000 and donated an additional 10 cents for each "Like" click from real estate Brokers on our Facebook page to the Kreisjugendring Passau. (Promotion period 10.06.2013 - 30.06.2013) Maximum donation amount of €5.000 including €1.000 start fee) +++

onOffice Donation Campaign - "Donate"

onOffice Software AG would like to create opportunities for disadvantaged children and provide them with the best possible support over a long and stable period. Thus the slogan "All beginning is education”. Help us to offer young people opportunities up to 100% on the donation concept. The money is donated to the organization, an initiative of the German Children's and Youth Foundation. Large-scale projects are planned and expanded through these long-term donations.

Michael Ende School Training

In the Michael-Ende-Schule, pupils with speech and language problems are trained. These children have permanent language disabilities which are associated with considerable subjective consciousness disorder, as well as communication impairments, so they are either accompanied in school or have time limitations, as their situation is unlikely to change with time. onOffice Software AG supports the Michael-Ende-School with the implementation and hosting of a website that caters for their needs.

Staff Training

As a training company, onOffice is clearly focused on the future! The aim is to integrate the trainees into our company for the long term and to provide care for the specialists of tomorrow. Our training courses include: IT system builder, IT system electronics engineer, application developer and media designer for digital and print media. At present, ten trainees are employed as of August 2012. We provide our trainees with practical knowledge in a wide variety of fields, so they can have the opportunity to create the best possible conditions for further professional development through an innovative training.

Project Support

At the beginning of 2008, onOffice Software AG supported the project "Our small children's village”, a direct aid for children in Sri Lanka with a generous donation. After the disastrous tidal wave in Southeast Asia in December 2004, the association "Unser kleines Kinderdorf e.V." was founded in Bonn in 2005 from a private initiative. The association, which is recognized as a non-profit organization, has the goal of permanently supporting orphans and children living in poverty. onOffice Software AG is committed to this project and demonstrates this with a financial commitment.


Within the scope of our cooperation with the "Unser kleines Kinderdorf e.V " organization, we took on sponsorships of needy children in 2006. World Vision has been supporting people in need around the world for over 25 years. Special attention is paid to the children, but the activities also include locations with poor families and the surrounding areas. onOffice sponsors the children to help them on their way to a better future. They are supported by nutrition, medical care, general care, and education.

proRWTH Networking

"Promoting, distinguishing and networking", these are the focal points of proRWTH. Their friends and supporters are RWTH, Aachen e.V. onOffice Software AG, whose involvement entails financial commitment. RWTH Aachen is one of the best technical universities in Europe and conducts top research in many areas. With its training courses and technology transfer it is an important cooperative partner, not only for industry but also as regional companies. In particular, technology-oriented companies benefit from the spatial proximity and the close interlink of science and industry.

Learning house Rainbow

The Learning house Rainbow helps children with learning disabilities overcome or reduce their learning impairments. Founded by the Friends of the Michael Ende School, it provides parents with counseling, an initial diagnosis of the learning problem and encourages children with partial weaknesses to engage in individual and small group work. Through one-on-one help and support programs, the children achieve successful learning; they can overcome their feelings of discouragement, build up self-esteem, and can improve their school performance. onOffice supports this initiative through creation and provision of a wide range of hardware and software through the conception and programming of the website.

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