News about the „Bestellerprinzip“

Facts about the „Bestellerprinzip“

  • The change of the law w.r.t the “Bestellerprinzip” in case of Real Estate order has become effective
  • Bestellerprinzip” means that the person ordering is in charge of paying the brokerage fee
  • The “Bestellerprinzip” is valid for renting of Real Estate Objects
  • In the future it is not the landlords but the people renting an object will pay the courtage

onOffice gives you the opportunity to react to the “Bestellerprinzip” the best way possible.

onOffice MLS – Your purchase argument

Profit from the community. We provide a MLS network which focusses on a common business and which has particularly been developed for this purpose. You can acquire and offer more Real Estate worldwide! This way you expand your portfolio with only a few steps.

  • Easy and quick contacting of or real Estate partners and colleagues
  • Working internationally on the base of the MLS- network
  • Reminder function – to keep in mind potentially interesting Rea Estate objects
  • Simple Real Estate settings via our onOffice enterprise version

i-Service – the tenant finder

Offer possible tenants to owners using the i-Service

Owner data is matched with your data via the search tool on your website. As result, you receive the number of potential tenants which match with the search criteria. Use the i-Service as powerful argument and succeed in convincing the owner why it is worthwhile to hire you as Real Estate agent.

Live Statistics

Using the Live Statistics, you are able to visualize your successes for your clients as well as potential ones. You can e.g. depict how many objects you have in general as well as how many you have marketed.

“Bestellerprinzip” as good marketing opportunity

Rapidly increasing competition as well as a market cleansing are normal factors of a vivid market. How can a professional Real Estate agent profit from such developments and rather reinforce his business? Owners appreciate you being the expert and finding a right solution for their endeavors.

This includes:

  • An easy, tangible and professional approach
  • A qualified preparation and implementation of contracts
  • Adequate price determination
  • Verification and qualification of possible clients
  • Effective distribution channels (established clients, print media, digital media)
  • Trustworthy appearance
  • Reliable availability
  • Security in the of Real Estate objects
  • Long-term and solid experience
  • Remuneration only upon success

Be professional!

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