Real Estate Start-up

At the very beginning of founding an enterprise, there are many questions to answer. How do I commence my start-up? What steps do I take first? What do I have to pay special attention to? Which are the basics for me to start and to build a successful business on top? At the beginning of a start-up a lot of facts have to be clarified and launched. A lot of these topics will be treated on this page. We introduce you to the software and hardware we offer to support your endeavor. You will find recommendations about topics related to facilities and staff, acquiring clients and expanding your business.

Milestones and explicit goals

A business plan is a must-have if you intend to structure the steps which you need to take and to use as a platform for reconciliation. If you carefully plan your business from the very beginning you avoid to get lost or to deviate from the distinct milestones. You further keep focused on important instead of distractive aspects. As guideline it helps to ask yourself questions such as the following:

Which name do I choose for my business?

Individual? Konservative? Unique? Recognizable? The name you assign your business will be the FIRST contact point with your future clients and partners. This name you will keep over numerous years and it is your identification, the stamp you put on all your business activities. It will thus leave an imprint whatever you do.

Which technical equipment do I need?

One profound feature you definitively need is a unique corporate identity. Such identity is a visual statement, a track which appears in the public on all digital as well as printed materials. In the era of digital transformation a website is absolutely inevitable. This way you take a visible position in the Real Estate sector and to be found by prospective clients, if you wish worldwide. The most ideal webpage is not only a digital flagship but includes Real Estate specific features such as a comprehensive and vivid overview of all your objects.

We recommend to structure your daily business from the very beginning very carefully to avoid chaos which might e.g. occurs in times of parallel appearing demands or to a sudden increase in requests. This way you maintain professional level at all times.

Managing and structuring processes, client data, addresses, communications (no matter if they take place, digtally, analog, personally) as well as internal agreements and information by a single software already ensures a professional strategy. You maintain the overview and keep track on every single transaction.

The other pillar to build your business upon is a good eye-catcher in form of a logo. Your logo is the face of your business. It is the feature that your client take notice of and recognizes, at a later stage. It should thus reflect your philosophy and your image.

According to our experience it is absolutely worthwhile to put appropriate effort in creating the here mentioned details. Both the infrastructure such as your webpage and logo will be your identity card for the a long period of time.

Salesroom – yes or no?

On a long term you will definitely need a salesroom! It should certainly be in an easy accessible location and representative surrounding. If not immediately achievable, a salesroom should be one near-future-goal. One implicit advantage is that you get a good impression of your client in a first personal contact. Another advantage I the presentation of your objects / properties e.g. on a flat screen. A salesroom offers an appropriate ambience for business and customer meetings. Clients will definitely feel more professionally served in such a representative environment.

Should I employ people and how do I provide monetary means

You are the one knowing which dimension you plan for your business. Are you planning on employing people and how much manpower do you realistically need? You might want to commence as a one-man company and expand later corresponding to the number of contracts and orders. Endurance and patience are two of the main characteristics for a successful and enduring business. Take your time to get a feeling for the market, to network and to establish a solid reputation before you employ others. Then choose wisely between employing people or cooperate with other agents or freelancers. Get information at your local chamber of Industry and Commerce or related institutions.

How to obtain assignments and orders?

Being present and communicating about what you do sounds self-evident but isn’t. once you started you need to put yourself out in public. One way are efficient and structured marketing efforts such as an individual, representative webpage. Such a page enables a first possibility to get in contact with you via contact forms or by getting an insight in the Exposés you published.

Further, presenting your objects in renowned Real Estate portals such as Immobilienscout24, Immonet expands the scope of your objects and the possibility of receiving enquiries. You should, however, pay attention to a solide and effective administration. We recommend to avoid that your objects drown in the huge number of contents or to become a dust catcher.

A professional Real Estate software is an efficient solution to convey and administer objects. This enables you to keep track on the actuality of your objects and you can respond to enquiries in a timely manner. Being able to react in the shortest time possible requires that you manage your data carefully and stringent from the very beginning.

On top of digital means, classical marketing tools are still a reliable way to advertise your business. These are e.g. handouts, advertisements, flyers or visual flags you add to your objects (called “Maklernasen” in German) to show that you are the Real Estate agent in charge.

You get a sense of how important it is to be conscious about basic procedures and requirements.. Never be perturbed when you hear that the Real Estate branch is a very popular branch. As long as you maintain endurance and passion for what you do, there is no reason to worry.

You should definitely be open for novelties and new trends in the Real Estate sector. It is thus inevitable to stay in contact with colleagues as well as to keep you ears and eyes open. There are numerous special events which are worth attending. One of such is the annual onOffice business beats event. It’s a combination of business meeting and presentations in addition to an informal get-together in the evening. A fun way to stay up to date with the sector.

Networking creates trust

If you make sure to connect with collegues and to use the advantages of your network within the branch from the very beginning on, you definitely create one thing: Trust!

Transparency of your business should be a prior credo. If however you show your clients that you know how to proficiently cooperate within a network, you demonstrate you self-confidence and innovation. You client will trust your efforts to use every single opportunity to offer the best service possible.

Buchtipps für Existenzgründer

Everbody Wins - Vom Start-up zum Global Player
Das Erfolgsgeheimnis von RE/MAX

Phil Harkins und Keith Hollihan zeichnen in ihrem Buch das Bild von RE/MAX, einem herausragenden Unternehmen, das es geschafft hat, innerhalb von 30 Jahren von einer kleinen Start-up-Firma zu einem in seinem Bereich weltweit führenden Unternehmen aufzusteigen.

Das Geschäftsmodell von RE/MAX basiert auf einer revolutionären Idee zum Verkauf von Immobilien. Seit seiner Gründung vor über 30 Jahren in Denver ist das Unternehmen mehr und mehr gewachsen und hat auf dem Real-Estate-Sektor eine immens große Bedeutung gewonnen.

Das Buch bietet dem Leser Einblick in das Kern-Geschäftsprinzip von RE/MAX: "Everybody wins". Es ist die Erfolgsgeschichte eines besonderen Unternehmens, bei dem jeder gewinnt: die Kunden, Mitarbeiter, die Eigentümer und Makler. Unter uneingeschränktem Rückgriff auf alle Informationen zum Unternehmen erläutern die Autoren seine Strategie, Kultur und Leadership. Über drei Jahre hat Harkins zusammen mit einem Team RE/MAX genau studiert. Sie hatten Einblick in Finanzberichte, Zugang zu historischen Archiven und aktuelle geschäftliche Meetings. Außerdem führten sie Interviews mit mehr als 50 Führungskräften.

"Everybody Wins - Vom Start-up zum Global Player: Das Erfolgsgeheimnis von RE/MAX", Phil Harkins, Keith Hollihan, Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA;Auflage:1. Auflage (5. September 2007), 313 Seiten, 34,90 €.

Praktische Apps für Immobilienmakler

smart mobile pro

Mit der "smart mobile pro" App makeln Sie entspannt von unterwegs aus. Sie können auf Ihre Daten und Objekte jederzeit mobil zugreifen und einem Interessenten beispielsweise während einer Besichtigung weitere Immobilien präsentieren.  >>Hier geht's zur App


Mit dieser App protokollieren Sie alles rund um die Übergabe einer Wohung oder Immobilie. So gehen keine Details wie eventuelle Mängel oder Absprachen verloren.  >>Hier geht's zur App

CrefoMobile - die Creditreform App

Über die App können Sie die aktuelle Bonität Ihrer Geschäftspartner oder Kunden prüfen und die Informationen z.B. in PDF-Form ausgeben lassen.   >>Hier geht's zur App


Als Immobilienmakler sollten Sie Besichtigungen immer perfekt vorbereiten. Sollten Sie jedoch spontan für Ihren Interessenten Räume ausmessen müssen, haben Sie mit dieser App den "Zollstock" immer dabei .   >>Hier geht's zur App

A professional business equipment is inevitable

Putting effort in a solid and professional business equipment will be worthwhile. Your advantage: we will take care of it! From the webpage to the development of your logo and business branding, eventually your entire corporate identity. Our design team offer unique, individual solutions. Start-ups profit from our special benefits.

For a professional start-up, OnOffice offers

  • Logo development
  • Business cards
  • Branded business stationary
  • Webpage (including branch relevant features)

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