Customer reviews

We are very satisfied with the design of our website! Thank you for the uncomplicated collaboration. Our desires and concepts were always considered throughout the production, which was skillfully achieved. We would wholeheartedly recommend onOffice’s web design, and are very pleased with our attractive new website, it exactly represents our company in Aachen. Thanks to the dedicated web designers at onOffice - we would use your service again!

Susanne Hoch
Martello Immobilienmanagement GmbH & Co. KG

"DIANIUM LIVING" is the new premium brand of Dianium Inmo-Concept S.L. The website of our luxury brand "DIANIUM RESIDENCE" was successfully and competently implemented by the team of onOffice. The decision of who to use to create our new website was made really fast: onOffice, of course! We are very satisfied! The professional and timely implementation of our wishes and ideas is really worth mentioning, as well as the ever-friendly advice from the knowledgeable staff at onOffice . We were pleased to have such a competent partner as onOffice, and already looking forward to using their services for our future projects.

Dianium Living Team
Dianium Inmo-Concept S.L.

Thank you very much for all the advice, assistance, and implementation relating to our new homepage. We are very happy that you met all our requirements and could implement all of our ideas and wishes. We were interested in creating an appealing and concise website within the shortest possible timeframe. We are satisfied with your service and are happy to publish the result on the web.span>

Esther Schleicher

During the creation and conceptualization of our web page, the web design experts from onOffice provided us with very good ideas, technical skills and a good eye for the detail. We are very pleased with the result and will recommend the onOffice team any time.

Sven Binnewies
Binnewies & Partner S.L.U.

Dear Mr. Sorgenfrey, I hereby thank you for the extremely good co-operation during the last weeks, and I can hereby confirm my approval of the competitive homepage you have provided.

You have done great work that exceeded my expectations. On a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is the best, you get a smooth 5 from me!

Your work, ideas, customer service, and levels of engagement shows that you are a very good web designer or whatever it is called.

At onOffice you are one of the best employees, and I hope that onOffice honors you as such! onOffice should know that you are a wonderful employee!

Continue in this way… I wish you all the best.

Thomas Quadt
TQ Immobilien

From the very beginning, when we commissioned the creation of our website to onOffice Software GmbH, we felt important. From the first conceptualization to the launch of the website – the cooperation from onOffice and their staff was wonderful. Questions never remained unanswered and we were able to also bring our own ideas. It was absolutely worth investing in a professional website with broker-specific functions!

Oliver Domes
bonafide Immobilien GmbH

We were one of onOffice’s first customers and have been successfully collaborating with them for nearly ten years.

Training regarding the use of this software was made possible by local training courses, via the internet, or through personal telephone calls. Work was continuously done to update the software and to adapt to the needs of our customers.

This year we redesigned and optimized our website in collaboration with onOffice. During the collaboration, they submitted some very good suggestions and we could clearly improve our web presence.

It is great that we can also offer our mobile users all of the information on our homepage.
The staff is very friendly and competent. Keep it up!

Günther Stoffels
Immobilien Stoffels GmbHa

onOffice took care of our complete real estate online development, from the configuration of our email customization, to the design of our home page.

As a result of their professionalism, the speed and the extensive knowledge of the offered software, the individual and exact explanation of the software, we could already handle the complete program after a few days.

All our questions were answered promptly and with very good technical knowledge. Problems or uncertainties were resolved in a very short time. During the homepage production phase, we were kept up to date, and every change or improvement was discussed with us.

We are very pleased with the final product and our expectations have been exceeded.

I can recommend onOffice software to my broker colleagues, as well as the oil companies who are active in the real estate industry. It is a great, simplistic product with a technically strong and well-coordinated team.

Niklas Gennen
Gennen und Team

Thank you very much for your friendly guidance towards our finished home page! We are very excited about our website and we are getting an incredibly positive response. We thank you for your commitment, your competent guidance, and your patience.

Tina Büchner // Manuela Rock // Gabriella Müller // Birgit Wortmann
Immobilienkanzlei Ulm

During my studies, as real estate broker IHK in Hameln, I already understood that my start as an independent entrepreneur should begin with an individualized and responsive homepage, as well as professional broker software.

I'm glad that I chose onOffice. The production of the homepage, for which I have received a lot of praise, the handling with broker software and CRM system, are made as user-friendly as possible. And when I had questions, there was always someone competent to consult with.

I can only highly recommend onOffice!

Thomas Krause
LBS Immobilien GmbH

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