Mobile Real Estate

With the onOffice iOS app, you can work even easier. In mobile devices you have access to the most important functions of onOffice enterprise and can manage your tasks faster and easier. Whether it be shipping, e-mail handling or easy appointment management, with the onOffice app, the organization of an estate agent´s working day will be mobile and quick.

Feature Overview

Mobile Real Estate

Keep your daily business in focus. The onOffice enterprise mobile version makes that possible. Capture and edit all the appointments, contacts and the current real estate stock on the go.

Mobile Websites

Increase your marketing efforts with a mobile website from onOffice and offer your customers and clients a user-friendly website that is optimized for mobile devices.

Mobile VoIP Telephony

With just a few clicks, your mobile phone becomes the extension of your telephone system. Stay flexible and redirect your calls to your mobile phone as needed, so that you are always available even outside of the office.

App Questionnaires

Inspections, accommodations and client meetings can be designed even more efficiently with the new questionnaires for our onOffice App.

The onOffice App

The onOffice app was specifically designed for your iPhone, to support you mobile as an estate agent. “Being mobile” means that less attention and time goes to a single task. Instead, the most important functions of onOffice enterprise are there to help and support you. Send exposés, reply to e-mails, or plan your next meeting. The organization of an estate agent is onOffice’s priority.

Everything you need to know about the onOffice App

onOffice Sync

Create addresses and appointments from your office or on the way in onOffice enterprise and use onOffice Sync to synchronize all data in your mobile devices.

You will always stay up-to-date on the go and can enter new actions into your onOffice enterprise version. Make an appointment with your customer at a viewing and enter it into your appointment management on your smartphone. With the onOffice Sync, you can be sure that you will find this entry on your tablet PC and in your onOffice enterprise version on the office computer as this system is available on all end devices.

  • All appointments and contacts are available on every device:
    iPhone, Android, Windows and more
  • Always be up-to-date by regular synchronization
  • “2-way data synchronization” both directions
  • Changes are visible for every employee

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