The onOffice Mission Statement

We want to increase the market share of our real estate Brokers. Together, we can make it. For us, communication is the key to being able to capture our customers' goals and to offer ideal solutions. In this design process, everyone in the team is called upon to incorporate their ideas and creativity. This is how we develop products that inspire our customers.

Forming among friends

From the very beginning, the philosophy of "Forming among friends" has been a common thread throughout our company history. It is the basis for our long-term success and is geared to the needs and concerns of our employees and customers.

Our shared identity is confirmed through the three central pillars of the mission statement, the guiding principles and the vision. These help to strengthen the lasting bond between our clients from the real estate industry and onOffice.

Our Guiding Principles

Our vision

The spirit of our visionary team helps us achieve new milestones and therefore ensures steady product and personal development. We would like to continue to expand our family business, provide safe jobs and become the ideal partner in the real estate industry worldwide.

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