Real Estate Management - easy with the onOffice software

Real Estate Administration

Add simply and securely your entire estate data stock to the onOffice enterprise. Clear tabs and action bars gives you a detailed overview of all functions and features:

  • Easy management and care of your entire real estate data base including images and texts
  • Automatic expose production and sending in formats of HTML, PDF, and MS Word
  • Detailed verification and archiving of all negotiations
  • Fast and excellent transmission to more than 100 Europe-wide portals without interruption

With a unique data entry system, you have access to multiple campaigns. In the real estate list view, you will find an overview of all your properties in your estate portfolio. Next to immediate estate descriptions, direct file uploads, numerous portal transmissions and the different opportunities of the expose- production, the onOffice real estate book and the overview of the clients offers extensive evidence of all activities together with a property. Use the option to present your own entered data at your own website made for you.

Real Estate Matching

With help from Real Estate Matching, you receive an automatic link between property and client’s data:

  • Direct mapping between suitable objects and clients
  • Detailed listing of all agreements
  • Criteria listed in different colored displays
  • Changing of the search criteria allows you to see an overview of new suitable objects

The onOffice enterprise edition property management enters property details automatically with the search criteria of all clients and calculates its parallel after percentage agreement. After this action, the applied clients are put into a clear chart together with the matching property. Colored backgrounds make it easier, in just one glance, to see which criteria matches 100%, as well as those that differ. Through these automatic classifications, you notice immediately if there are any potential buyers or tenants in your client data base matching for a property.

Real Estate Exposés

With the onOffice enterprise you have endless options to create individual exposés matching your real estate portfolio.

The software has a variety of appealing exposé designs ready for you. These can be added with just a simple click to the current property. With its PDF construction set, the onOffice, clients have the opportunity to decide on their own exposé design for their firm. Also, with as few clicks as possible, they can reach the best real estate exposé.

You love it exclusive? Then let onOffice design your personal exposé presentation! Our experts love to give you advice.

  • A number of exposés are already stored in the software
  • Easy and fast sending of exposés as e-mails, letters or fax.
  • PDF - construction sets help you to produce your own creative layouts
  • Individual exposés – persuade your clients with a perfect customized design

Here is our Exposé Gallery

Real Estate Book & Owner-Object Tracking

The automatic verification management in onOffice enterprise estate book offers a clear overview of all actions and correspondence that are in the interest of the property and the client.
All activities that affect the software, register onOffice enterprise and document it automatically in the property or address data record. With manual entries the verification management is completed, so that the actions are saved even outside the software. Therefore you always have the latest status of all your activities.

Always inform your owners with help from the onOffice enterprise Owner – Object tracking of the most recent marketing status of your properties and decide for yourself which record in your real estate book you want to continue.
Therefore, in your onOffice enterprise you give the owner the access data to the object tracking field of your website. Decide for yourself which records and activities (for example inspections, appointments or serial e-mails) are visible in the real estate Book. That way, the owner always has the latest status and can see the overview of the property. Persuade your clients with these strong arguments and receive an exclusive commission for property marketing.

Real Estate Portals & Estate Transmission

With the onOffice enterprise software, more than 100 Europe-wide, permanently implemented portal interfaces are available to you for the marketing of your real estates. Present your real estate in selected portals and differentiate yourself from other competitors easily. With just one click, your real estate is transmitted over the fixed interfaces to the portals. Maintain your real estate in the onOffice enterprise real estate management and use the many different marketing possibilities. You can have your real estate displayed on your own website, as well.

Here is an overview of the portal interfaces

You can use the object rotation to set properties in the rotation process for all portals. In this way, you can always publish your properties in an unlimited number because they always rotate.

  • Publish an unlimited amount of properties with help from the object rotation
  • Useful to all real estate portals
  • Decide for yourself, how many rotating properties you´d like to be shown
  • You can specify properties which should be displayed despite the rotation

Real Estate Presentation

Because you want to present the properties in the best way to your customers and clients, onOffice offers these options. From an optimal representation of the floor plan, through an optimization of your estate images and to your presentation, you will stand out from your competitors through professionalism and quality.


Die MY IMMO APP für eine topmoderne und attraktive Vermarktung Ihrer Immobilien. Jederzeit und überall.

Die Digitalisierung ist auf dem Vormasch – und auch Sie sollten sich die zahlreichen Chancen, die sich dadurch bieten, nicht entgehen lassen. Mit einer eigenen App bringen Sie Ihr Business nach vorne und erreichen Ihre Kunden, Eigentümer & Interessenten per Smartphone und Tablet-PC im Handumdrehen.
In der App lassen sich die Immobilien Ihres Portfolios ansprechend darstellen, sodass ein bestmöglicher Vermarktungseffekt erzielt wird. Wenn die Immobilie gefällt, lässt sich der Kontakt zu Ihnen als Makler schnell & unkompliziert herstellen – die Hemmschwelle zur Kontaktaufnahme wird so minimiert.

Wenn Sie sich für die MY IMMO APP entscheiden, erhalten Sie eine professionell erstellte und moderne App. Die geballte Kompetenz und langjährige Erfahrung unserer Entwickler machen die MY IMMO APP zu einer perfekten Ergänzung Ihrer Vertriebskanäle.

  • Einfache und intuitive Immobiliensuche
  • Exakte Suche nach eigenen Vorstellungen und Kriterien
  • Direkte Kontaktaufnahme zu Ihnen als Makler
  • Texte editieren & Bilder anpassen

Sie haben Interesse an der MY IMMO APP für Ihr Unternehmen? Dann beraten wir Sie gerne.

Für Interessenten | Tel.: +49 241 446 86 151 | E-Mail:
Für Bestandskunden | Tel.: +49 241 446 86 152 | E-Mail:

Floor plan optimization

Order easily and conveniently via onOffice enterprise a floor plan and 3D optimization of your real estate with our partner and benefit from the best quality.

Good Weather Module

Let onOffice help you optimize the outreach of your properties through its cooperation partner Ogulo and simply order the “good weather” via the Good Weather Module from onOffice.

Showcase Module

Easily produce presentation PDF files from your real estate which you can use, for example, on TV devices used by your partner bank or at your office.

Film Module

With the onOffice enterprise Film Module, you acquire the possibility to purchase films directly from your real estate administration and present them on your website or on various portals.

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