Our services to you

Our professional, state-of-the-art, customized website designs make it possible for you to position your company in the real estate industry. We provide you with all of the necessary services – from designing your website to launching it – from a single source.

You create and maintain all the content and menu options on your website by simply using our content management system. With just a click on the website, you can present current and adjusted properties. Additionally, the onOffice Enterprise software will support you.

The full project cycle: from idea to launch

We develop a production schedule mapping out all the milestones to ensure your website is published on the agreed date. To provide the best possible service, we assign a personal assistant to you for the entire period, so you can track the milestones and communicate all your wishes directly to us.

The stages in the creation of your own business website


In this phase our web designers are programming your personal web page. Your personal assistant will keep you informed on the status of the project. You can also check the progress via a temporary link to your website.


The finished website is presented to you, followed by detailed discussions. During this phase, we discuss additional adjustments and changes with you in order to further align your web page to your needs.

Test phase

This phase is to check the quality of the website. Our experienced web designers test all forms and texts, as well as the way the website displays in different browsers. This thorough testing ensures a perfect start to your new website when it is launched.

Final inspection

After we complete the tests and implement any changes, we hand over your new website to you. This includes giving you control of the website overall, as well a user-friendly menu structure that reflects broker-specific functions.

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