Our staff – Behind the scenes, the onOffice Quality Team has 141 faces!

The result of good Teamwork is more than the sum of our individual performances. The team can only win when all players aim toward the same goal. As a team, we bring more power to the playing field, more experience and concentrated knowledge. The advantage to you: professional software solutions for your real estate - whether in terms of administration or marketing.

Wishes, Questions or Problems: the entire onOffice team is at your side. Our employees support each other and work together in order to find the ideal solution for you. Looking forward: together we meet your challenges.

Secretariat - Our basis for effective work

Administrative and Organizational: our friendly secretariat staff form the basis for the smooth progress of our business. Whether you are looking for general information, concerns or problems concerning your software, they will gladly serve as a first contact point or will link you to the appropriate contact person.

Sales - Our motto: Customer orientation

What is the use of an excellent product when nobody knows it? That is why our Sales Representatives give of their best to convince you of the advantages of the onOffice solutions. The strikers of our team, they master the field perfectly, secure the goals and drive the success of the Company. The advantage to you: a Personal contact who keeps you up-to-date on Product Innovations. Commercial service (for customers): +49 241 44686-152
Sales (for interested parties): +49 241 44686-151

Training and courses

Solution-oriented, flexible and mobile are important keywords for everyday business, and onOffice enterprise is designed with these attributes at its core. The real estate CRM software allows you to implement them efficiently in your day-to-day work, and our perfectly designed, open and individual training courses from our academy will help you maximise its potential.

Support - Always at your Service, ask us

You have a Question - our Support team knows the answer. Would you like to get more information about the onOffice software? Need a good tip to optimize the handling of your Website? At any time, the Support team is ready for you, takes your suggestions and researches until you are satisfied with the results.

Test and Documentation - We ensure the quality of our products

In order to be able to offer our customers a well-engineered product range, we rigorously test all of our innovations and features, before they enter the market. Our Test and Documentation supervisor is actively supported by the Support and Development staff to ensure our products are fully functional and ready-to-use. All the steps that go into our software development are documented in detail, therefore our Customers are always up-to-date and receive all the information they need to deal with our products.

Webdesign - Show off your best site

The design of your Website is important to you, and so to us. Effective interaction between Layout and Structure is at the heart of our approach. Our Webdesigners are always in close contact with you to ensure a creative, professional appearance for the Internet. Whether individual concepts or reliable standards: The Website is developed in accordance with your Company Profile - always with a view to the Requirements of your Customers.

Marketing - We know the Market

From the Advertising Flyer to the Newsletter, from the Web Presence to the Promotional Campaign, from Measurement Management to press work: our marketing department is responsible for the overall Communication of onOffice and is the Contact name for Press and Media. Our employees analyze the Market, develop Company goals and implement them strategically. Today, and in the Future, Customer requirements direct our approaches.

Development - We develop for your success

As a Broker, you prefer to make use of synergies – which is why we maintain an important relationship between intelligent Software that manages your properties and a Website that optimally markets them. Our technicians are constantly developing features that make your daily work more efficient and show new ways to success. Our programmers know the market very well and work hard to keep your onOffice products up-to-date.


Since the IT infrastructure is one of the most important components for a software Company, it must be managed with due diligence. The Administration team at onOffice Software plc has the relevant expertise to ensure the daily security and accessibility of all onOffice services. At the same time they support the entire onOffice team, even in the case of minor problems.

Project Management - We coordinate your success

Do you want a complex software customization, personal settings, or on-site training in your office? We take care of your Personal wishes, which go beyond the Support Service, and we are always available to you from the planning stage, through implementation, and up to the finished realization of your extensive Projects.

Product Management - Success through competence, cooperation and processes

Thinking and acting out our market vision is the prerequisite for success. Our Product Management consists of specialists who have the best view in the relevant market and product themes as well as in the functional areas of onOffice.

Care team - diligent angels in action

Our Care team is an important part of the onOffice team. The diligent hands in the background enable us to create a productive working atmosphere and ensure a general well-being in our premises.

Management - The strategic key to success

A good Team can not exist without strong Leadership. As a key role, this provides the strategic objectives and delivers goal-oriented corporate management. As with sport, the coach determines the effective use of all resources, but the entire onOffice team ensures and develops the quality of their services.

Assistance of the Management Board - The right hand of the company

Our team of Assistants Work together, side by side with our board of directors at the head of the Company. It does not only assist with day-to-day business, but the board also ensures the smooth running of all internal and external appointments and coordinates cross-departmental projects of the company.

Supervisory Board - Our consulting experts

The most important tasks of our Supervisory Board are to advise the Management Board and approve important business transactions. Through a regular exchange with the Management Board, our Supervisory Board is informed about business development, strategy and business planning.

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