Efficient data management equals financial benefit

A bulk part of your companies capital is based on an approriate, efficient data management. Once the required data of your clients is entered in the data system, you can use it in a multitude of sustainable ways.

The onOffice address administration suits to not solely maintain contacts and addresses, but also provides a detailed overview of all activities, tasks and re-submission. Additionaly, the specification of relationships between the parties involved, complements your data and simplifies related tasks. You are free to adapt your onOffice software to your personal needs by defining input fields to which you can add individual information.

Automatisms simplify your life

The possibility of automatic address completion is one of the highlights of onOffice enterprise software. It considerably helps to facilitate tasks. Additionally, this feature also incorporates a search tool to sort out, to search and to filter specific types of data.

  • Use the automatic address completion to keep it faultless and up to date
  • Query current search criteria
  • Integrate the fully completed details of your clients will automatically into your address management
  • Send the completed address data in form of serial email to several receivers at the same time

Request Management

Use automatic processes by directly creating a data record for incoming requests. If you respond by inquiring a date and address completion, respectively, you ensure the information maintanance.

With regard to advertised properties, interested clients can request more information by just one click. The inquiry is sent to you by email, stored in a fixed, personalized folder and create an address record, accordingly. The request management automatically digitally assigns the request to the property.

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