Guaranteed security for your data

Our Real Estate Software onOffice Enterprise edition takes you to a knew level of digital handling of your data. Are you already working from anywhere, anytime you like? If so, do you encounter thresholds or aspects hindering a smooth workflow? With onOffice you will not only be able to access your data wherever you are - you are also able to share it between the different devices you are using. Certainly, we are aware that this level of convenience requires an equally high level of security of your data.

In order to guarantee and maintain a high level of security, we rely on two separated data centers in Frankfurt at the Main river. The servers are in charge of processing and storing all data, as well as the entire information backup. On top of this, we operate another backup server in a third location, Saarbrücken, to ensure total security.

External data processing

External data processing is a common process in most companies. The regulations of §11 BDSG ("Federal Data Protection Act") is the juridical guideline for the useage of external data centers or the maintenance of IT systems by external providers. We provide a sample contract (only available in German, June 2017) for external data processing. Please feel free to use it as a template for your convenience.

Data center

As mentioned above, the data is saved and backed-up in a lovation in Frankfurt ensuring the highest security standards. The server rooms are secured via access control that is monitored by security personnel. To guard against theft, each site is located in a secure, protected, hardly visible location, including video surveillance for the outdoor areas and fencing around the perimeter. Monitoring redundant power supplies, fire detection control and suppression measures help to further maximize the security of our servers.

Server monitoring system

To give us an immediate picture of the onOffice server architecture, we implemented a simple, yet effective monitoring solution. The system allows us to monitor the data load on the onOffice servers by visual means of "traffic lights" for each individual server – smart server, web server, mail system and portal system.

Our support team and in-house development team receive an automatic warning alert whenever the color of a server switches to Yellow or Red so that they can commence appropriate counter measures immediately. It might however occur that during the known peak times of real estate data transmission into the portals (Monday mornings and Friday afternoons), the traffic lights switch to Yellow. Any queued jobs will be handled by the system after the transmission is completed.

Smart server:

Web server:

Mail system:

Portal system:

Green = Server running in normal operation, yellow = waiting times, red = partial or complete failure of the servers. Long waiting times may occur or individual services may not be available at all.

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