Guaranteed security for your data

With the onOffice enterprise edition, the online-based real estate software, you enjoy the advantages of being able to work anywhere and at any time. You have round-the-clock permanent? access to your data - no matter where you are. This freedom, however, implies a great deal of trust in the external security of your business data.

In order to live up to this trust, a high-performance server farm was set up in two separate data centers in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. These data centers are responsible for the processing and storage of the data as well as for the security of this information (Bezug?). In addition, we also operate a backup server in Saarbrucken.

Contract for order data processing

. Order data processing is used in almost every company. Whether through the use of an external computer centre or the maintenance of IT systems by technical service providers – the requirements of § 11 BDSG must always be complied with. We have compiled a model contract for order data processing for you, which is intended to serve as a template.

The computer centre - a modern building of the highest standard

Housed in ultra-modern buildings, the server rooms are secured by access authorization and controlled by security personnel. The servers are protected against theft thanks to video surveillance of the outside areas, a fence system to demarcate the site and a protected, invisible location. A further high level protection system to prevent power failure or fire complements form the overall safety concept.

Always well informed with the server query system

For a transparent insight into the onOffice server architecture, we have implemented a simple query system. You can use this system to track the capacity utilization of the onOffice servers. For this purpose, we have set up a traffic light for each server - smart server, web server, mail system and portal system - for a simple illustration.

Our support and our in-house development team are warned automatically each time a server is changed to yellow or red in order to initiate countermeasures. Please note that the known focal points of real estate transfer in portals (monday mornings and friday afternoons) may change the traffic light to yellow. No jobs are lost, but are processed by the system after import.

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