Smart Site 2.0 - your website construction kit

Create your own web page in a small amount of time and without any initial web knowledge. You can integrate and maintain content in form of images, texts and videos with just a few clicks. Just choose an appropriate frameset and go ahead!

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Functions & Features

Smart Site 2.0 is an onOffice product and has been particularly developed for you to create your individualized homepage. Transfer the objects and any data you want to depict on your webpage using Smart Site 2.0.

Customized, estate agent-specific functions such as property tracking and I-Service (Service for interested clients) facilitate your sales. These functions are simple to use in Smart Site 2.0. You can update your web page easily by yourself (or by one of your employees or colleagues) at any time without relying on web designers or technicians.

We have certainly prepared various high-quality layouts and designs that you can choose from in Smart Site 2.0. This way, you are the captain of own unique website.


  • Create your web page in a small amount of time
  • Configure your page individually
  • Benefit from self-explanatory instructions
  • Use one of numerous high-quality layouts and designs
  • Add additional functions if you wish
  • Obtain an sustainable, unique web page

Try it!

In order for you to see how Smart Site 2.0 works and how easy it is to handle, you can get access to a test version. This way, you get a first impression as well as an insight about available layouts and design patterns. If you are interested please send an email to and sign up for the free trial.

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