Mobile Real Estate

With the onOffice iOS App facilitates your daily work. Using mobile devices, you have access to the most important functions of onOffice enterprise. This way you can manage your tasks more efficient, wherever you are. The App certainly provides a reliable and flexble email as well as appointment management.

Feature Overview

Mobile Real Estate

Keep your daily business in focus no matter where and when. You decide! Record and edit all appointments, contacts and the real estate objects independent on your location and schedule.

Mobile Websites

Increase your marketing success with a mobile website from onOffice. Offer your customers and clients a user-friendly website that is optimized for mobile devices.

Mobile VoIP Telephony

With just a few clicks, your mobile phone becomes the extension of your telephone system. With Voice over IP (VoIP) you stay flexible and you can redirect your calls to your mobile phone if needed. That way you are always available even away from your office.

App Questionnaires

The creation and application of your individual surveys for inspections, object management, meetings etc. can be designed even more efficiently with the new questionnaires particularly developed for our onOffice App.

The onOffice App

“Being mobile” is being flexible and available whenever you like. Initially , the onOffice App was designed for iPhones. It contains numerous features and functions with which you edit and send exposés, correspond to clients and partners, and with which you plan your next meeting. Our priority is to facilitate the organization of your daily life.

Facts about the onOffice App

onOffice Sync

Sync means "synchronize" and refers to the continuous matching of data among the different devices you are using. Even newly created information will be synchronized to and from all connected devices.

onOffice Sync ensures that your data stay up-to-date on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, respectively. If, for example, you insert a new appointment in your digital calendar, this entry is simultaneously and automatically added on your tablet as well as all other devices having installed the onOffice Sync programme.

  • All appointments and contacts are inserted automatically and simultaneously on every device, no matter if it refers to iPhone, Android, Windows etc.
  • Always be up-to-date by regular synchronization
  • “2-way data synchronization” - to and from your devices
  • Changes and newly entered data are visible for every employee

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