Real Estate Management done easy

Real Estate Administration

We host your data: safe and secure. You administer and manage your data with our support and, after an intital period, in a self-sufficient way. Our system provides understandable and easy-to-handle functions and features:

  • Data management is easy and self-explanatory with respect to both images and texts
  • Exposés are generated automatically and conveyed in a manner of your choice (HTML, PDF, and MS Word)
  • All necessary negotiations are verified and archived
  • Your properties are transmitted fast and qualitative excellent to more than 100 Europe-wide portals without any impediments.

Using our unique data entry system, you gain access to multiple campaigns. The real estate list view provides an overview of all the properties you offer in your estate portfolio. It includes: the estate descriptions, direct file uploads, numerous portal transmissions, the options for Exposé-generation, the agents books of records and the overview of clients, respectively. Shape your data in a representative and unique way.

Real Estate Matching

With our property search you receive an automatic assignment between properties and the interested party data. The system compares search criteria of the interested parties with the real estate data and displays them clearly

  • Direct mapping between suitable objects and clients
  • Detailed listing of all agreements
  • Visualizing individual criteria
  • Changing of the search criteria allows you to see an overview of new suitable objects

Property details are added automatically as standard or as individually determined search criteria. The ranking of criteria can be depicted in various forms. All related clients can thereafter be visualized in relation to the matching properties. It is e.g. much easier to differentiate best to least fit matches in such visual way. Using automatic classifications enable the immediate track any potential buyers or tenants.

Real Estate Exposés

With onOffice you have access to numerous options to create individual Exposés.

We offer a specific PDFdesigner in order for you to decide wether you create your own Exposé template or you rely on a predefined onOffice design.

You prefer exclusivity? OnOffice designs your personal exposé presentation! Our experts are eager to give you advice and to support the implementation of your ideas.

  • A number of exposés are already stored in the software
  • Easy and fast sending of exposés as e-mails, letters or fax.
  • PDFdesigner - construction sets help you to produce your own creative layouts
  • Individual exposés – persuade your clients with a perfect customized design

Here is our Exposé Gallery

Agents log & owners object tracking

The automatic onOffice verification management of the agents log gives a comprehensive overview of all actions and correspondences. This is particularly important as it is indispensable for the goal-oriented interaction between property manager and client.
All activities that affect the software are registered and documented in the appropriate data record. Adding data manually, where necessary, completes your data and backs it up.

You wish to keep the owner of your objects updated? The owner – object tracking ensures the most recent marketing status of the properties. At the same time it incorporates the option to highlight the object or process you particularly wish to track.
Therefore, you determine wether or not you allow the owner to access data for object tracking. Additionally, you decide which records and activities such as inspections, appointments or Emails are depicted in the agents log. That way, the owner automatically receives the most recent changes as well as an overview of the propertys current status. Cooperate with your clients in a smart "onOffice manner" to receive an exclusive commission for property marketing.

Real estate portals & estate transmission

With the onOffice enterprise software, more than 100 Europe-wide, permanently implemented portal interfaces are available for the marketing of your real estates. Present your real estates in selected portals and distinguish your company from competitive ones. With just one click, your real estate is transmitted via fixed interfaces to a variety of renowned portals. While you real estates remain embedded in the onOffice host you are able to use numerous different marketing possibilities. In addition, your real estates are displayed on your own, up-to-date website.

Here is an overview of the portal interfaces

Use object rotation to change the objects order within all portals. This way, you can continuously publish your properties in an unlimited number.

  • Publish an unlimited amount of objects using the object rotation
  • Apply your settings to all real estate portals
  • Choose the number rotating objects from either a best-of selection or a bulk
  • Determine objects which should be displayed independent of the rotation of others

Real Estate Presentation

Instrumentalize onOffice for your needs and to present the properties the most appropriate way to your customers and clients. Put yourself in the pole position by optimizing the presentation of the cadaster plan and your estate images as well as business presentation.


A brandnew and representative marketing strategy - everytime and everywhere.

We have reached the decade of digital transformation. Let us reach out for you and lets immerse together in the modern-time opportunities and possibilities. By means of MY IMMO App you pick up the pole position and easily reach your clients, owners and interested parties via smartphone and tablet.
MY IMMO App allows to depict objects in a representative manner, thus, paving the way between diverse target groups. No more obstacles: The App is the framework for an easy and uncomplicated communication.

Decide for this professionally developed, modern App. The comprehensive knowledge within our development department as well as the long term expertise of our digital specialists have resulted in a perfect extension of your distribution channels.

  • Easy and intuitive object search
  • Precise search according to your standards and criteria
  • Straight forward communication
  • Optimal text editing & picture adaption.

Are you interested in MY IMMO APP? We are ready to support your decision.

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