Your successful digital identity is our mission!

Our professional, state-of-the-art, customized webpage designs becomes your digital identity. Our goal is to position your company in the front rank of the real estate industry. We provide all of the necessary services – from designing your website to launching it – from a single source.

You create and maintain all the content and menu options of your website with our content management system. An easy handling of the page enables you to present current and adjusted properties. Our software is designed to allow for an efficient and easy administration of your data.

From a good concept to a successful implementation

We start off with setting up a project timeline including all the essential milestones. To provide the best possible service, we assign a personal assistant to you for the entire period, so you can track the implementation of each milestone and directly communicate ideas and requirements.

The various stages to create your website


This phase includes the programming of your webpage. Your personal assistant will keep you informed on the status of the project. You can also check the progress via a temporary link to your website.


We present your website and make sure that we met your expectations. This is the stage where we communicate about all aspects which need to be changed or adjusted.

Test phase

This phase is to check the functionalities of the website. We test all features and texts, as well as the way the website displays in different browsers, etc. This thorough procedure ensures a perfect start of your new website when it's online.

Final inspection

After we completed appropriate tests and implemented any changes, your new website is all yours! You have adminstrative rights and overall control of you digital footprint, while we continue being your support.

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