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onOffice direct line: +49 241 44686-122

Our support team is available to assist you from Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm. We can be contacted by phone or email:

onOffice emergency hotline

We ensure that we are always available for our customers. In cases of emergency, you can contact us via our emergency hotline, 7 days a week.
Tel: +49 241 44686 112
The response times at different periods of the day have been outlined below:

  • Between 7.30am and 10pm, we usually respond within 2 hours.
  • Between 10pm and 7.30am, we try to respond within 10 hours.
  • All calls originating from Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be charged at the rate of 5.95 Euros on commencement and at 5-minute interval thereafter.

Immediate support chat

With regard to enqueries regarding our software or one of the configuration parameters, simply drop us a message via the onOffice support chat.
For more complex enqueries, it oftentimes helps to communicate via our our onOffice viewer tool. It enables us to remotely view your screen in cooperation with you. We are then able to guide you through the individual steps and point out the best fit solution.

Let us support you!

Take advantage of onOffice’s numerous experts and get a quick response to your enquiry. Our dedicated in-house support takes care of your needs and is your first contact when it comes to questions concerning the onOffice enterprise software.

Parallel to our support in person, you find a broad spectrum of advice and instructions in the online help desk. This feature is certainly updated regularly and contains all information about administration, managing your module, editing features and much more.

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