onOffice – quality has 185 faces!

Individual performances sum up to a good team result. A team can only be successfull if all players go for the same goal. OnOffice employs a team of experts and well trained people. Your advantage: professional software solutions - with respect to administration, support and marketing.

Let's stick toegether and make YOUR vision possible!

Sales department: The Customer is king!

What is the use of an excellent product when nobody knows about it? Our sales representatives work out your individual framework with onOffice solutions. We accompany you not only all the way but in a personal manner. Let's communicate and give us a picture of your needs, your concept but also your concerns. We are good in finding the right solution for you! Commercial service (for customers): +49 241 44686-152
Sales (for interested parties): +49 241 44686-151

Support - our service for your convenience

You have a question or you do not know how to install certain features or settings? Our support team knows the onOffice software in depth and with every detail. You would like to install new features or you need to change some settings? Or maybe you want to have good advise on how to improve your webpage? We are ready to help! We are certainly also interested in any suggestions and ideas!


We offer trainings for everybody who is interested in getting to know the onOffice system, especially with regard to its tricks and special features. No matter what your personal background is: as long as you are using onOffice software, we show you how easy and customer-oriented our product is. This way, you automatically get to know keywords, most used processes and particular settings. Overall, the trainings depict the maximal potential of the software.

Major customers support – individually and personally

It is not merely the performance of a team a but the success of the clients which defines the success of a company. On every single step, we support our major customers on a personal level and in an adequate timeframe w.r.t individual needs.

Marketing - yes we can!

Sure, marketing is a well known term. The onOffice marketing department is responsible for the overall communication. It is the contact platform name for press and media. We are in charge of the onOffice print and online media ranging from flyers to newsletters, from the digital information to all sorts of campaigns and events. We further keep one eye on branch-related occurrences and analyze the real estate market. We are the ones developping company goals and implement them strategically.

Webdesign: it's all yours!

Its layout and structure is the first visual impression your clients receive. It is like the fishing rod you throw out into the world. In order for us to understand your profile and vision, we like to have a personal contact in the first hand. The design and following implementation process requires your feedback. We strive for a professional and unique appearance of your business. We are happy, when you are happy!

Our administrations office

Our friendly adminstriation is a main pillar for the smooth progress of our business. Whether you are looking for general information or you have concerns with regard to the software, we are eager to serve as a first contact point. We lead you to an appropriate contact person and department. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Test and Documentation

In order to be able to offer you a well-engineered product range, we rigorously test all of our innovations and features. We guarantee high quality products. Our "test and documentation supervisor" is actively supported by the "support and development" staff to ensure our products are fully functional and ready-to-use. We documented every step we take in detail. Thus, you are always up-to-date and receive all the information you need to use our products in the most beneficial way.

Development - we develop tools for your success

Are you interested in making use of synergies? We do, which is why we foster the relationship between intelligent software and a digital means, that optimally distributs them. Our technicians are constantly developing features that make your daily work more efficient and show new ways to success. Our programmers know the market very well and do their best to keep your onOffice products up-to-date.

A good administration is indispensable

Since the IT infrastructure is one of the most important components of a software company, it should be managed with diligence and great care. The administration team at onOffice has the relevant expertise to ensure the daily security and accessibility of all onOffice services. At the same time, they support the entire onOffice team, even in the case of minor problems.

Data import – fast, safe, expedient

Our data migration team takes care of a smooth data import and administers complex data sets with high diligence. Each application process contains the interlinking and combination of data with specific systems – our experts make sure that no errors occur.

Product Management means "all-inclusive"

We are the ones who are good at balancing the daily business and the underlying strategic, conceptual tasks. We have the best grip on related markets and products as well as in the functional areas of onOffice. Go ahead and profit from our wide-ranging overview and up-to-date knowledge.

Care team - diligent angels in action

Our Care team is an important part of the onOffice team. The proficient manpower enable us to create a productive working atmosphere. The care team ensure a steady, general well-being in our facilities.

Management - the key to success

A good team cannot be successful without a competent leadership. The head of our company provides the strategic objectives and delivers goal-oriented corporate management. Compared to sports : the coach determines the effective use of all resources, whereas the entire team ensures and develops the quality of their services.

Management Board Assistent

Our assistants work together with the board of directors, the head of onOffice. They are an important pillar of the company, since they not only assist with day-to-day business, but ensure the smooth opertation of all internal and external to-do's. They further coordinate cross-departmental projects of the company.

Supervisory Board - our consulting experts

The most important role of our Supervisory Board is to advise the Management Board and approve important business transactions. Through a regular exchange with the Management Board, our Supervisory Board is informed about business development, strategy and business planning.

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