onOffice basic training package

Our training contains not only the entire introduction to the onOffice software. It commences with an overview of what is possible with onOffice to the practical application of tools and features. Don't hesitate and explore our Real Estate Software. Benefit from the expertise of our experienced trainers. The training session usually takes about 5 hours. Once you have gained an overview how the onOffice software works, you will not only be able to improve a lot of your daily routines but also add efficient functions to automatize processes , which you have done manually up to now. You will see the difference working with the onOffice software in your time balance!

The training includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • Creating properties and prospects
  • Implementing search criteria
  • Automatizing matching properties
  • Adding individual activities
  • Improving digital communication

For just 199 Euros* per person, this basic training package is suitable for both, new users as well as experienced onOffice users. Since there are always new features being developed and implemented, we are continuously eager to introduce those to you.*plus VAT

onOffice basic training

Our trainings take place on a regular basis and at differing sites.

July 3rd - Aix-la-Chapelle
July 5th - Hamburg
*fully booked
July 12th - Berlin
July 19th - Munich

August 15th - Aix-la-Chapelle
August 16th - Dresden
August 23rd - Frankfurt
August 30th - Hannover

September 1st - Aix-la-Chapelle
September 6th - Hamburg
September 13th - Berlin
September 20th - Frankfurt
September 27th - Munich

October 4th - Aix-la-Chapelle
October 11th - Berlin
October 18th - Stuttgart
October 25th - Erfurt

November 2nd - Aix-la-Chapelle
November 8th - Hamburg
November 15th - Berlin
November 22nd - Frankfurt
November 29th - Munich

December 5th - Aix-la-Chapelle
December 6th - Hamburg
December 13th - Berlin

onOffice enterprise basic Anmeldeformular

onOffice Pro training

The onOffice Enterprise Pro training package is designed to be tailor-made to your specific requirements with regard to the software. It is solution-oriented approach.

Your advantages:

  • onOffice trainings can be held in situ, at a location of your choice.
  • if you take some time to fill out the questionnaire, it provides us useful information about which areas shall be elucidated as training topics. This can e.g. be administrative rights, group management settings or basics concerning the addition of a new client, the settings of your portal etc.
  • Our training experts make sure to particularly explain both necessary features as well as helpful insights of the Real Estate Software

For any further questions regarding our training offers, please contact our support.

onOffice Pro questionnaire

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onOffice Academy

Join one of our standard webinars, covering topics like the adress manager, the onOffice App, the Real Estate Manager tool or the newest release update, repectively. Additionally, we offer you to take place in our premium-webinars. Additionally, specialized expert staff focus on topics specifically referring to enterprise sector.

Our overall aim is to provide the best possible service in order to improve your daily achievements. Please make use of our 2017 vouchers for booking premium webinars and Q&A sessions. These vouchers are free of charge during your first year and can be requested by contacting our Marketing team – marketing@onOffice.com.

Webinars of the onOffice Academy

onOffice Webinars

onOffice webinars concentrate on the individual need of your company. For example, the Real Estate Management and Address Management webinar is designed to comfortably familiarize you with the respective fundamentals in order to optimize your working practices. In addition, you will get to know insights about standards, special features and tips improving your overall performance.

We are certainly eager to provide you with the most convenient service as possible. You will definitely not regret to expand your onOffice knowledge. Once you have set up your audio tool and you ensured your internet access you are ready to join us.

onOffice Online Training

  • You set the time and date of the training..
  • You choose from various topics available and our experienced trainers will assist you live on your screen to show you how the correct application or configuration works. You can listen and watch from your own local comfort zone.
  • What you need: a stable internet access, a telephone and the free-of-charge training software that we will configure.

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