Release February 2020

Top Updates

External search for addresses
onOffice now enables a cross-version address search! As soon as the function is activated, you will find the new button "Start external search" in the Quicksearch. With this function you not only search your own onOffice database for addresses but also onOffice versions of your partners.

These external versions must be integrated via an API user (Tools >> Settings >> Connection of external clients). Subsequently, users can be granted the "External search" user right. You find this right within the user settings in the tab Rights >> Administrative rights >> External Search.

In the first step, the external search is only possible for addresses. An expansion to real estates is planned.

Further adjustments

Portal interface: Findheim Secret Deals

Now you can market your real estates via the Austrian portal "Findheim Secret Deals". You find the portal in the portal settings under Extras >> Basic Settings >> Tab: Portals.

The portal reverses the process of marketing real estates: seekers create an precise search profile; if there is a match, contact is made and you can offer the property.

Responsive File uploader

The popup for the new file uploader for properties is now responsive. This simplifies working on different devices.

Properties on Facebook: new login option

Now, all authorized users can post their properties more easily on Facebook. In addition to the user settings, the login to Facebook can be made directly in the property.

You will find the settings in the property under the tab Marketing >> social media. Here you will find the new button "SettingsA popup will open above it, which you can use to log in to Facebook, provided the "May post properties on Facebook" permission is active for you.

This saves you the long-winded login via the user settings.

PDFdesigner: Macro for Textbox

In the PDFdesigner you can now highlight text sections in color. To do this, insert the interesting or important text between these two new macros: {box} Text {/ box}.

This places the "text passage" as a separate paragraph on a gray background that ends with the page margins.

Advanced users can add further settings: To do this, place the new macro "_boxdefinition" in front of the above macros. It can be used to control the color, width of the text box, frame color, frame thickness and the alignment.

The syntax is:
_boxdefinition (color: x, width: x, frame thickness: x, frame color: x, alignment: x) {box} text passage {/ box}

For example:
_boxdefinition (color: f0f0f0, width: 12, frame thickness: 1, frame color: f0f0f0, alignment: left) {box} text passage {/ box}

The exact breakdown of values and units of measurement can be found among the PDF specific macros in the macro list.

With this function you create even more attractive PDFs!

Adjustments in the mobile version

  • Property list
    The property list can now also be accessed in the mobile version. You can find the list via More Details >> Property. As on the desktop, however, the list is only visible for addresses with the contact type "owner". Please also make sure that you activate the "Ownership" tab beforehand via the administration.

    With this new display you always have an overview of all properties owned by the owner, even when you're on the go.

  • Tab for Prospective Buyers
    The prospect tab for the mobile version has been completely revised. You can find the new view in the property detail view under More details >> Prospective Buyers.

    With a horizontal scroll bar you switch between automatic and manual assignment as well as "Offered till now". You can also update, sort and filter the results.

    With the new view, you have an optimal overview of all those interested parties for the property on the go.

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