THE solution for revocation policy

  • You are a Real Estate agent and need a simple, unsophisticated solution to incorporate your cancellation policy in your daily business?
  • You would like to offer a reliable service to avoid misunderstanding with respect to the new law?

No problem with onOffice

“We have been clients for seven years now and are very content with the comprehensive and user oriented development of the onOffice software. Particularly the intensive engagement and service referring to finding a solution for the new EU-right of revocation has shown us, once again, that we choose the right software company.”
Horst Wettig,
Happy Immo GmbH

What do I have to consider being a Real Estate agent?

If you intend to react before the 14 days of revocation have ceased

  • Issue your client the lawful revocation guideline in order to offer the information about his / her rights
  • Your client has to give you written notice to confirm that you are allowed to take action and that he / she is aware that the right of revocation expires with contract performance. This confirmation is documented.

OnOffice reacted promptly and offers a solution with regard to the new right of withdrawal: onOffice clients can sent a withdrawal instruction as soon as they receive an Exposé. This way you avoid getting a conflict with provision.

How the onOffice solution for the revocation instruction works:

1. Choose an E-mail template

In order to sent an Exposé just choose the link for withdrawal. This way, it is added automatically via which the interested party receives access to the Exposé.

2. Receive revocation instructions

The instructions for revocation automatically appears, once a person used the appropriate link in the E-mail as described above. Here, the person can choose to accept the general terms and conditions of business as well as the withdrawal instructions.

3. Rejection of the revocation instructions

In case the interested person rejects the revocation instructions, an automatic message is sent informing the agent, that the client is not able to read the Exposé. Instead, he is asked to get in contact with the Real Estate agent to view the Exposé.

4. Client agrees to terms of revocation

If the client agrees to the revocation, he receives the possibility to download the Exposé.

5. Documentation of the agent log agreement

If the client has agreed to the revocation and the commencement at an early stage, this information will be recorded in the agent log and the address entry.

6. E-mail transmission to the client

By accepting the revocation the client automatically receives an E-mail which contains the object, the external commission the revocation agreement and an revocation template.

As you can see. It is worth using onOffice !
We promptly react to new challenges and implement them into our software onOffice smart.

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