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onOffice Software plc is an expert in online software for the real estate industry. Currently 10,000 active Users are benefiting from our established expertise, continuous development and dedicated support, including banks, broker networks, prefabricated manufacturers and, of course, real estate brokers. For further evidence of our success, please read our customers‘ testimonials.

Let our arguments convince you - which is onOffice enterprise software
an investment that will pay off for you in any case!

"One-mouse-click" principle

Our "one-mouse-click" principle means that you save each property - for example, when you enter the portal, furnish a proof and cultivate contacts. No need to upload from a database or make changes elsewhere, it is all done within the program to save you time.

You can enter or maintain the property in over 100 Pan-European portals or on your website. This is done in a mouse click, saving you valuable time.
Dates are automatically confired.
Easy construction of a data set from portal requests.
The most sophisticated PDF outlines which you can then send to interested customers – or as marketing tools to possible prospective buyers – with only two mouse clicks.
Immomatching – our software will compare prospective buyers with your available properties to find likely matches.

More time in the daily business

More time is spent in day-to-day business: onOffice enterprise software allows you to work more efficiently, so you have more time to work face to face with customers. At the same time, you can reduce your communication costs and the time spent handling paperwork.

No resubmission is lost

Simple, automatic and fast detection

Automatic address completion via a link allows the customer to enter his/her data himself/herself without the need for telephoning the office

Immobilientracking: Here your seller gets an overview of the activities surrounding his property

No time-intensive logging into the portals: The transfer into more than 100 pan-European portals is done by mouse click

onOffice offers the perfect relationship between software and your real estate website

For example: If you enter a visit date into the software that date will automatically appear on your own homepage. Similarly, when a prospective customer registers online, his information will be recorded in the software as a contact with a scheduled appointment.

An intuitive operation and a clear user interface.

onOffice enterprise is designed in a simple way that does not demand any complex training. The modular design ensures easy and user-friendly handling.

A balanced ratio of price:performance

Benefit from a fair and predictable price, without hidden costs for maintenance, updates or support. Our pricing structure is built on stability, because the satisfaction of our customers is also a top priority in the future.

All-round carefree package
All from one supplier
Optional additional modules can be ordered per user
Free software releases are provided regularly to all customers
No hardware investment needed as it is a complete online solution

The onOffice app

iPhone users can even easier use onOffice iOS app. The onOffice app has been specially designed for your iPhone to support you as a broker in mobile environments. "Being mobile" means that little attention and time is available to devote oneself to individual tasks. We will go into this context: the most important functions from onOffice enterprise are also available in the onOffice app quickly and easily. Send outlines, reply to mails, or prepare upcoming dates. The organization of the brokerage is in the foreground.

Professional in-house support

As with our online software, you can receive professional, in-house support: customer service is always at the center of our activities. To this end, each customer will receive a personal contact after conclusion of the contract, someone who is available - also by mobile phone - for questions, wishes or any criticism.

We offer various methods of communication to help you get the best from your purchase:

Customer testimonials

“As a global real estate company, we rely on software that can be easily served and used by all local representatives. After extensive research, we finally decided to move our complete international database to onOffice - a huge project that required a lot of time, sweat and nerves. Despite this enormous effort and, above all, because of the excellent support and patience of the support team, we have not regretted this step.

onOffice is a young and modern software that meets the demands of the brokerage day and our structures and needs as franchisees. In addition, the software offers a variety of other useful functions that make our work easier for our employees. Highly Recommended!"

Stephanie Flindt
KENSINGTON Finest Properties International plc

"onOffice has been able to deal with us as well as our requirements and wishes. All of our expectations and requirements were taken up and then implemented in such a way that we now work with our ‘own real estate software."

Gábor Török
von Poll Immobilien Ltd

"As a real estate franchise system with a focus on holiday properties, the access to the regional residential properties is also very important to us, as is the connection to the international real estate portfolio. For this reason, we have decided to change to onOffice in order to offer our franchise partners even more work facilities and ease of operation in this field.
With the new software solution, we are now able to present all holiday and residential properties from our international network on www.portamondial.de."

Stephan Bruns
Porta Mondial plc

"With over 2,000 properties on www.porta-mallorquina.com, 8 sales offices and more than 40 employees, Porta Mallorquina is one of the largest brokers in Mallorca. The changeover of our complex and multilingual back and frontal system to onOffice was a huge challenge, which we successfully mastered together with the dedicated onOffice support team without failures."

Maria Sander
Porta Mondial plc

"At this point it is absolutely necessary to give the entire team of onOffice big praise! It provided exactly the support we wished for. No matter how often a question was asked, no matter how often we called, we always received a very competent and friendly answer. And immediately! The conversion to onOffice, after 15 years of meticulous data management by another software brand, was a challenge, and not just for our company. It was superbly implemented by the support team!

THANKS from all the Knabe-team! Keep it up!"

Sabine Knabe-Vieler
Knabe Immobilien Ltd

"Completly satisfied as always; it is important to have a strong team as a partner. Our contacts for the website and for the sales are really great contacts. The remaining support team is very competent and solution-oriented; we can really recommend onOffice without hesitation."

Matthias Bozseyovski
Immobilienzentrale Bozseyovski & Fleckenstein Ltd

"onOffice has competently, and in a very friendly way, accompanied and advised us from the first day. The set up of the website was child's play. All requirements were promptly and competently implemented. The onOffice team were excellent and always friendly. All questions were answered promptly and professionally. The software is simple and easy to understand.

Conclusion: The best purchase we have ever made.

We are pleased that we have found such a competent and friendly company and hope for a long and consistently good business relationship."

Ina Simone Steffek
Steffek Immoblien Mallorca

"We decided to choose onOffice after a long and intensive search, because the online software fits into our company structure and needs as a franchise system. The user-friendliness and ease of use was the decisive factor."

Michael Dittmer
amarc21 properties

onOffice enterprise adapts to you and your company

Are you looking for a software solution that is specifically fitted to your company and your needs? If so, you are in the right place: software customization is our specialty and our passion..

Our commitment and motivation to offer our ideal real estate software to every customer distinguishes us from our competitors. Your ideas, suggestions for improvement, and personal wishes will always be welcome, and we will do our utmost to realize them for you.

We meet your requirements

In intensive personal conversations, we listen to your requirements and wishes and then implement them for you in onOffice enterprise. We guarantee that our software can be adapted to your needs, because our principle is:
"onOffice enterprise adapts to your company – we don’t make you adapt to onOffice Software plc."

Take the time to familiarise yourself with our individual software solutions and get to know the endless possibilities. Please contact our sales department, and we will gladly design the right software for your company in a personal appointment.

We can help you to certify your company and stand out from your competition.

With onOffice you have the possibility to obtain certification according to DIN EN 15733 and therefore your customers that you are trustworthy.

If you would like to receive further information, please contact our Service at
+49 241 446 86 152.

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