With a professional onOffice website you can benefit from the ways in which the internet can be used as a communication tool as well as a marketing channel for your properties.
An onOffice website in your company’s corporate design will increase awareness of your company, differentiate you from your competitors, and generate more inquiries from prospective clients. Your website will be accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so that both your buyers and your property owners can use it as a central service point.

The process of search engine optimization, especially for Google, gives your website a higher range for optimal use, and means that your website will be among the top results offered in searches. Since prospective clients use the internet to search for their new dream home, you should not underestimate the possibilities and opportunities that an internet presence gives you. An investment in your online presence is an investment in your business.

Use statistics to help evaluate your website

With access to Google analytics, you can learn more about your visitors through a statistical analysis of your web page hits. You can analyze traffic and identify your site’s most visited days to control information and news and you can evaluate the subpages or individual properties on your website. Do not miss the opportunity to adapt strategies and develop new sales strategies and achieve a higher market rate.

Numerous contact possibilities with your visitors

With a large number of contact forms, you can improve the services you offer and increase the utilization of your website. With each inquiry through a form – by prospective customers, by owners, or through the I-Service – you will receive an email notification in onOffice Enterprise. onOffice Enterprise also automatically captures data on visitors.

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