The Professional real estate software enables efficient work, optimal organization and fast contracting.

We take you to a new dimension of the real estate business.

Our online-based real estate software onOffice enterprise is the product of many years of software experience with regard to innovation, quality and reliability, so that its outstanding performance features - networked brokering in the cloud, optimization of work processes, website creation and other marketing tools - takes account of the needs of companies in the real estate sector.

Let yourself be surprised at how this web-based estate software makes your working day easier with software that provides great functionality as well as an appealing appearance. The design is modern, clear and fresh. onOffice lets you set new standards in your working day.

onOffice estate software – features at a glance

The User Interface

The scalable interface is characterized by a clearly structured, intuitive design, which provides clarity and draws the eye to the essentials. The user interface of the onOffice enterprise, adapts to any device and every window size, making it easier to work within the software. The integrated "Quick Search Box" speeds up the search and makes the life of an estate agent easier. Unlock many search options for free and search easily for E-Mails, Addresses and much more.


The Dashboard

The configurable dashboard can independently adjust to every user’s needs. You decide what you want on "homepage." The different categories, such as statistics, appointments and e-mail overview, can be moved on the dashboard, and can be reduced or enlarged. In this way every onOffice enterprise user has the ability to individually customize his or her dashboard to their own needs in an uncomplicated manner.

Real Estate Management

Manage and sell your estates simply with onOffice real estate management. This offers you more than just a simple tool to estate management. Fixed components, such as the optimal presentation of estate images, the simple sending of exposés in different formats, a detailed verification of all activities and the automatic mapping of interested parties to appropriate objects will assist you in your work.


Clear representation of your estate allows you a quick overview and mapping of all your real estates. In the presentation mode, for example, a picture presentation can be called up in just one click. This also allows the images for the corresponding property to be put together.

Address Management

Keep your overview of all your contacts with help from onOffice Address Management. Choose between the different address views which show the basic data as well as a photo of all your contacts. onOffice Address Management offers usable functions, such as the automatic compilation of addresses, relationships and deposits.

E-Mail Management

The onOffice enterprise gives you countless number of options to keep in contact with your clients, owners and colleagues. Simplify your e-mail and newsletter distribution through production deposit and predefined macros. With the structured e-mail management you can complete your entire electronic communication quickly and easily. Keep your inbox cleared and move your e-mails easily with a drag & drop function into different folders. You can save a lot of time by using the automatic standard procedure to respond to inquiries.

Appointment Management


Manage your appointments in a simple and clear way with onOffice Appointment Management. Through viewing the colored markings, you can easily include the most important resources. Using the onOffice “Check-In/Check-Out” function in combination with the onOffice App, you can know when a client should be at an appointment. Set up automatic appointment reminders that can be sent to you via SMS, Pop-Up or e-mail, so that no meeting will be forgotten.

The onOffice App

Working with the onOffice iOS app is even easier for iPhone user. The onOffice app was specifically designed for your iPhone, to support you as a mobile estate agent. “Being mobile” means that less attention and time goes to a single task. Instead, the most important functions of onOffice enterprise are there to help and support you in a moment. Send exposés, reply to e-mails or plan your next meeting. The organization of an estate agent is onOffice’s top priority.

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