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onOffice Software is THE online software for YOU. Currently 35,000 active users benefit from our expertise, continuous development and dedicated support. Our customers steem from various branches such as the financial sector, broker and business networks, manufacturers and, of course, real estate brokers. For reviews, please read our customers‘ testimonials.

Try it! onOffice software is worth it!!

"One-mouse-click" principle

The „one mouse click principle“ allows for saving ONE entire day of work FOR EACH Real Estate object if e.g. inserting in a portal, the maintance of contacts and tracking of all activities concerning the object of consideration.

You can enter and maintain the property in more than 100 European portals as well as on your website. By just a single click you save valuable time.
Appointments are automatically confirmed automatically .
Easy conversion of data from portal requests.
Create and send comprehensive Exposés with only two mouse clicks.
Immomatching: compare prospective buyers with available properties to find best matches.

Save time!

OnOffice software allows you to work more efficiently, so you have more personal time for your customers. At the same time, you reduce your overall costsas well as the time spend on byrocratic must-do’s, respectively.

No resubmission is lost

Simple, automatic and fast data log

You handle your own data via automatic address completion - no support needed!

Object tracking: Your partners get an overview of the activities w.r.t their property

No time-intensive logging: The transfer into more than 100 European portals is done by mouse click

onOffice is perfect platform of a software and your website

One example: you enter an appointment on site. This appointment - including all the related objects and details of importance - will automatically appear on your own homepage. Similarly, when a prospective customer registers online, his information will be recorded in the software as a contact and the related appointement.

It's easy!

onOffice enterprise is designed in an understandable way that does not demand any complex training. Its operation is intuitive and its system well structured. The modular design ensures easy and user-friendly handling.

Top price-performance ratio

Benefit from a fair and predictable price, without hidden costs for maintenance, updates or support. We want you to be as content as possible, which is why we offer a stable price structure.

Your allround, allday care package
One software - one service
Extent your onOffice software by optional additional modules and features
OnOffice provide free software releases to all customers on a regular basis
No hardware investment needed as it is a complete online solution

The onOffice App

Being on track with our services, we developped the onOffice iOS App particularly for iPhone. "Being mobile" means to be more flexible and available not matter independent of location and time. With the App we coagulated the most important functions from onOffice - ready to be used quickly and easily. You can certainly send Exposés, manage your E-mails and appointments the same manner you are used to. Go ahead and give it a try!

Professional in-house support

One of the main priorities offered by onOffice is the customer service. We receive hundreds of enquiries per months. Our focus is not the problem but finding the right solution. Additionally, each client has an assigned onOffice support staff member as individual contact person. Let's go for the win-win situation!

Communication the key!

Customer testimonials

“As a global real estate company, we rely on software that can be easily managed and that is accessible by all our representatives. After extensive research to find an appropriate software for our purposes, we finally decided to choose onOffice. For us, it was a huge project that required a lot of time, patience, manpower and arrangements. Despite this enormous effort and, above all, because of the excellent support and patience of the support team, we never regretted this step at all.

onOffice is a young and modern software that meets the demands of the brokerage business as well as our companies structures and needs as franchisees. In addition, the software offers a variety of other useful functions that make our work easier for our employees. We highly recommend onOffice without any doubt!"

Stephanie Flindt
KENSINGTON Finest Properties International plc

"We work as a real estate franchise system with focus on holiday properties. Of key importance is the access to the regional residential properties, since that is the connection to the international real estate portfolio. We have decided to change to onOffice in order to offer our franchise partners even more business facilities and a convenient operation system.
With the new onOffice software solution, we are glad to finally be able to present our holiday and residential properties based on our international network on www.portamondial.de."

Stephan Bruns
Porta Mondial plc

"Porta Mallorquina is one of the largest brokers in Mallorca. On www.porta-mallorquina.com we included over 2,000 properties. Our comprises eight sales offices and more than 40 employees. When we changed our complex and multilingual back and frontal system to onOffice that was a huge challenge, which we successfully mastered together with the dedicated onOffice support team. Since than we are working happily ever after ... "

Maria Sander
Porta Mondial plc

"Kudos to the onOffice Team! They provided exactly the support we were hoping for. No matter how often we called, no matter what we asked and where we needed help : we always received a very competent and friendly answer in no time. The conversion to onOffice, after 15 years of meticulous data management by another software brand, was a challenge, and not just for our company. It was superbly implemented by the onOffice support team!

Thanks from the entire Knabe-team! Keep it up!"

Sabine Knabe-Vieler
Knabe Immobilien Ltd

"Honestly? Honestly, I am completly satisfied with onOffice during the entire time of cooperation. It is important to have a strong team as a partner. Both regarding the website as well as the sales we cooperate with really competent professionals. The onOffice support team is very competent and solution-oriented. Bottom line: we can really recommend onOffice without hesitation."

Matthias Bozseyovski
Immobilienzentrale Bozseyovski & Fleckenstein Ltd

"onOffice has competently accompanied and advised us from the first day on. Even for us, as non software experts, the implementation of the website was absolutely feasable. All our requirements were promptly and competently implemented. The onOffice staff was always well prepared and friendly. All questions were answered promptly and professionally. The software is simple and easy to understand.

Conclusion: The best purchase we have ever made.

We are pleased that we have found such a competent and friendly company and hope for a long and consistently good business relationship."

Ina Simone Steffek
Steffek Immoblien Mallorca

"We decided to choose onOffice after a long and intensive search, because the online software fits into our company structure and needs as a franchise system. The user-friendliness and easy use were the decisive factor."

Michael Dittmer
amarc21 properties

Let's get together!

Are you looking for a software solution that specifically fits your needs? If so: welcome to onOffice! Software customization is not only our specialty and our passion.

Our commitment and motivation to offer our ideal real estate software to every customer is what makes the difference! Your ideas, suggestions for improvement, and individual wishes will always be heard. Let's get together and implement what you strive for!

You make a wish - we take care of it!

Communication is one of the most important parts of the entire cooperation process. It is in personal conversations, where we get a pistucre of what you want and what you need. It is NOT you adapting to us: It is onOffice adapts to you and your company.

Take the time to familiarise with our individual software solutions and to get to know the large number of digital possibilities. Please don't hesitate to contact us for a first dialogue. After we have gained an impression of what you need, we will do our best to design and implement the right software for you.

Wanting to get certified? No problem!

With onOffice you have the possibility to obtain certification according to
DIN EN 15733.

If you would like to receive further information, please contact our service at
+49 241 446 86 152.

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