We take you to a new dimension

Our online based estate software onOffice is the result of our longterm experience, a renowned quality and constant reliability. We make sure that your digital appearance - related to networking, the optimization of work processes, the implmentation of websites and diverse marketing tools– takes into account the needs and requirments of the real estate market.

Allow us to show you how the onOffice software assists your daily tasks and challenges. Our software is more than a nice-to-have tool ... and has more to offer than just a nice appearance. Framed by a modern, suitable and fresh design, you obtain the opportunity to set new standards in your working day.

E-Mail Administration

Inform your customers and clients easily and comfortably about the current status of a property. Use different presentations, which can be structured in a text or html format, for an easy correspondence with your customers. Use additional functions such as personalized exposés, newsletters or serial letters to any of your clients. Define the dispatch time of all serial mail individually. Safe valuable time by predefined email templates and macro functionalities.

The mail administration not only facilitates the sending of emails, but also comprises the possibility to automatically assign real-time or object-related address data to an email. Once you have interlinked a contact or email to a client or working process, all activities are recorded and can be viewed in the history timelinie of the object of consideration.

The world is multilingual

With the use of the Multilingual Module, you are able to use the numerous interface devices with respect to Europe-wide real estate platforms without any problems. Add your property individually in a mulitude languages. Use the multilingualism for free texts, real estate titles and other textual information about your property. All relevant information is published and automatically translated by the incorporated dictionary.

Have your properties displayed on your own website in several languages, create Exposés and increase your sales potential. Easily save and send e-mail and Word templates in different languages.

  • Individual selection and adjustment of the system language per user
  • Automatic creation of Exposés in different languages
  • Multilingual storage of e-mail and Word templates
  • Thanks to the multilingualism, uncomplicated use of Europe-wide portal interfaces is possible

Telephone & Messenger

onOffice is compatible with various online based communication solutions. That includes the direct data maintanance of calls and the display of contact information. These are integrated directly into our real estate software onOffice enterprise and enable you to make calls directly from the software.

With the help of the onOffice Messenger, you can easily and conveniently contact your colleagues via the estate agent chat or the onOffice Support. Use this simple way to quickly answer your questions and get help. Since we want to be content with our services, the messenger is permanently visible. At the same time this service allows you to check the online availability of your contacts.

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