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address management

Administered address data records of your potential buyers and owners represent the basic capital of your company. By entering your address data once into onOffice enterprise you secure diverse options of further use.

onOffice smart addressmanagement

at a glance

  • simple administration of all address data records including countless linkages
  • automatic address completion with integrated potential buyer search profile
  • archiving of all activities for optimized verification and address data record administration
  • define unlimited amount of free fields in your personal address database

all information at a glance

With the assistance of onOffice enterprise Address Management you don’t only administer contact and address data of your potential buyers and customers but you are also provided with a detailed overview of all activities, tasks and reminders. Also the option of stating relations adds another feature to address data record administration and simplifies the process of including links to all contacts. With fields that can be freely defined you can add individual content and details offering you the opportunity to make work processes more flexible and customize onOffice enterprise to meet your personal requirements.

address action bar for fast action selection

The address action bar enables you to work faster and in a straightforward manner as you can immediately select all available actions. Further extensive functions such as the creation of personalized cover letters, the description of specific search criteria and the direct creation of appointments and tasks are perfectly aligned to one another and simplify your daily work procedures. In any case use address completion – with just one click you can complete your existing address data.

P.S. Also the connection of onOffice enterprise to Google Maps assists you with the convenient route planning to your potential buyer.

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